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Welcome to Our Parent Resource Page! 

Parent/Teacher/Student Compact
This compact is our team effort to promote the optimum learning experience.

HPE 2015-2020 School Renewal Plan

Parent Involvement Policy
Parents are always encouraged to get involved at HPE!

SC Health & Fitness Act: Healthy Eating

Healthy celebrations are being encouraged at the state level so that districts, schools, and parents have an opportunity to positively influence student eating behaviors.

Family Friendly Standards

Promotion/Retention Policy

Eight Ways to Promote Reading at Home

Teacher Qualifications: No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

US Department of Education

SC Department of Education

PTO Today


In addition to these web resources, please feel free to visit our Anderson District Two Family Learning Program Resource Center here at HPE! 

Our center provides parents with information, material, services, and referral sources for their children. For Additional information, call Allison Strickland at 369-4017 or stop by the office.

Funding for the center is provided through Anderson School District Two, Anderson County First Steps, SC Department of Education, and Title I. 

The Title I Application, Parent-Teacher Compact and Parent Involvement Policy are all available online for Parental input.  Any comments, suggestions, or changes should be directed to Mr. Sauceman, our principal.

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